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Liberty Oaks


Assistant Principal
Debra Slaughter
Jeanne Hinnenkamp
Ext. 5603
Ext. 5604

Office Staff

Secretary Deb Jurgeson Ext. 5601
Office Assistant Lara Emerson Ext. 5602
Head Custodian Tom Dawkins Ext. 2592
Cafeteria Manager Sara McLeod Ext. 5620
Kidzone Cassidy Buts Ext. 5615

Health Room


Jill Bracken

Ext. 5607



Counselor Lana Hufft Ext. 5608
Psychologist Veronica Brackman Ext. 5420
Social Worker Terre' Yaghoubian Ext. 2010

Innovation and Learning Coach

Library Staff

Library Media Specialist
Library Para
Teresa Barnett
Terri Bogue
Ext. 5610
Ext. 5610



2nd Grade Tammy Hammen 736-7150
ext. 2426
3rd Grade Jennifer Mann 736-7150
Ext. 5623
4th/5th Grade Kim Turner 736-7150
ext. 2674

 *Note:  The Peak Program is located at Alexander Doniphan

Student Support

Speech Andrew Owens Ext. 2746   
SLP Speech Cody Higgins Ext. 2463  


Art Ashley Taylor Ext. 2410  
Music Sarah Kallal Ext. 2584  
Library Media Teresa Barnett Ext. 5610  
P.E. Denise Steenstra Ext. 2654 Webpage
Strings Kayl Soukup Ext. 5667 Webpage


Special Services

Resource Sped Teacher Michelle DiGiovanni Ext. 2679
Resource Sped Teacher Veronica Lee Ext. 2688
Resource Sped Teacher Stephenie Stiles  Ext. 2531
Resource Para Judi Siebert  
Resource Para Tiffany Arnold  
Resource Para Carol Sanders  
Resource Para Nicole Christensen  
SDC Teacher Jean Kruse Ext. 2921
SDC Teacher Sabrina McEvers Ext. 2731
SDC Para Dawn Dake  
SDC Para Noah Gronniger  
SDC Para Palvinder Kaur  
SDC Para Cindy Adams  
SDC Para Yesnia Thornton  
School Psychologist Veronica Brackman Ext. 5420
Process Coordinator Becky Evans Ext. 6736
Autism Specialist Angie Gentry  
Behavior Specialist  Sonia Cote  
Physical Therapist Sara McGuff  
Physical Therapy Asst. Kristin Powell  
Occupational Therapy Asst. Linda McCormick  
Occupational Therapist Elizabeth Kinate  



Ann Adkins Ext. 2992 Webpage
Lori Schurle Ext. 2978 Webpage
Merit Bentch Ext. 2977 Webpage
Lisa Mattson Ext. 2760 Webpage

First Grade

Second Grade


Ashley Allen Ext. 2986 Webpage
Luda Bell Ext.  2989 Webpage
Taryn McKarnin Ext. 2939 Webpage

Third Grade

Fourth Grade


Caitlin Buehrer Ext. 2569 Webpage
Ashley Jacobs Ext. 2530 Webpage
Amber Hess Ext. 2538 webpage
Jen Bacon Ext. 2111 webpage

Fifth Grade


Shawna Lowe Ext. 2537 Webpage
Laura Perryn Ext. 2637 Webpage
Ron McCoy Ext. 2747 Webpage
Sarah Harris  Ext. 2985 Webpage